7 Feb

A Very Good Read from Turpin Realtors.

A Very Good Read from Turpin Realtors.

Winter weather is perfect to settle down with a good book - ideally in front of an open fire and with a lovely cup of tea or glass of wine to hand.

Mayfair International Realty members Turpin Realtors in New Jersey could be offering the perfect solution to book lovers, but also to those with other entrepreneurial pursuits in mind.

The current owner, Claire Boland, says of the location in the heart of Califon, “I love that this building has been many, many things in its life. It started as a confectionery shop, it has been a liquor store, and wedding dresses were made here as well.”

With a smile she added, “After I bought the business and building, the previous owner told me it had once been a flower shop too, which I found uncanny. Years ago a psychic told me that I would own a flower shop— which apparently has come to pass!”

With a current asking price of $165,000 this property in Califon, New Jersey could be your next venture. Check out the listing from Janet Clark at Turpin Realtors to see if it’s in the cards for you.