7 Jan

Brave, Record Breaking, Yachtswoman Lists Florida Home.

Brave, Record Breaking, Yachtswoman Lists Florida Home.

In 2016 Janette Benaddi, a clinical researcher and mum of two from Yorkshire, England joined up with three friends to become skipper of a boat which broke a world record.

As reported in the UK press at the time “When four working mums decided it was time for a new hobby, never did they imagine it would lead to them becoming world-famous. Niki Doeg, Helen Butters, Frances Davies and Janette Benaddi turned up at their local rowing club on the same day and quickly became friends."

Within a year, they had decided to take on the world’s toughest row, the Talisker. They became the first women to row across the North Sea and holders of a Guinness World Record for rowing 3000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean during the world's toughest rowing race.

The women, who all have children at the same school, encountered a hurricane, power failures, attacks from flying fish, seasickness and injuries to complete the endurance challenge, dubbed the world's toughest rowing race.

Dubbed “Yorkshire Rows” the team raised money to build a Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre in Leeds as well as for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

In 2017 the ladies published a book which told their story ”Four Mums in a Boat” and there is interest in producing a film to tell their amazing story which is also beautifully recorded on YouTube.

Jeanette has just listed her home at 4 Winslow Pl, Longboat Key, Florida with Michael Saunders & Company agent Beverly St. Hilaire for $1.15m in order to fund her next adventure - to sail around the world. For further information please contact Beverly on beverlysthilaire@michaelsaunders.com