4 Nov

Kelly Quon Is Awarded Zephyr Real Estate’s Golden Z Community Service Award

Kelly Quon Is Awarded Zephyr Real Estate’s Golden Z Community Service Award

Zephyr Real Estate agent Kelly Quon just received Zephyr’s prestigious Community Service Award, the Golden Z. The award is presented to someone within the Zephyr family who has made an extraordinary contribution to the Bay Area community, someone who has made a difference in the lives of others.

Kelly and Team Quon, have done just that in their fundraising efforts for PurpleStride. Their efforts have had a tremendous impact, collecting over $250,000 for the organization to continue research aimed at finding a cure for pancreatic cancer and in the effort to raise awareness about a disease. Kelly’s sister Cathy, a 16-year survivor, was present at the ceremony along with their parents. Cathy shared her own amazing survival story about this disease, which typically claims 80 percent of those diagnosed within the first year and 97 percent within the first five.

Zephyr has presented only 16 of these awards in the past 40 years, and proudly awarded Kelly Quon with the 17th Golden Z Award. “Efforts like Kelly’s are fundamental not only in raising awareness but also in advancing science and research towards a cure. We applaud her work with PurpleStride,” remarked Randall Kostick, Zephyr’s Chief Executive Officer.

“I am truly honored to receive this award but, honestly, I am so very grateful for the graciousness and generosity of so many of my Zephyr colleagues who have donated to my fundraising efforts,” commented Kelly. “I am also extremely grateful to Zephyr for matching those donations from my colleagues. Together, we have made a difference.”

PurpleStride began in 2008 in Chicago with a small group of volunteers who had all been touched personally by this ruthless disease, a disease that had, at that time, a five-year survival rate of barely six percent. Those volunteers raised over $380,000 and brought together more than 1600 people. The movement quickly spread across the country, and currently multiple events are held nationwide every year. The organization has now raised an excess of $87 million. More importantly, the five-year survival rate has increased to nine percent in that time period, with a determination to continue moving the needle for patients battling pancreatic cancer.

Kelly, a second generation native of San Francisco, works from Zephyr’s Upper Market office and may be reached at kellyquon@zephyrsf.com or 415.552.9500.