9 Apr

Real Estate Market Report 2018 from Amat in Barcelona, Spain

Real Estate Market Report 2018 from Amat in Barcelona, Spain

Do you dream of living in Barcelona or close to this beautiful Spanish city? If so you will find the latest Market Report from Mayfair International Realty members Amat Luxury fascinating reading.

Guifré Homedes of Amat says "2018 represents the year where growth moderates or, practically, disappears. We had already been saying a couple of years ago that this fact, by itself, was advisable to happen because, otherwise, the market would not be sustainable. This moderation has been very clear in the city of Barcelona throughout 2018. In contrast, in the surroundings of Barcelona is still in the upward curve of the market.

We could say, in a generalized way, that both rental and resale markets in Barcelona city have peaked and, in 2019, we will see how they are positioning themselves. In general, the market offer has remained low, but there are already indicators that show a change of trend in this regard, and already at the end of the year we have seen how the Offer has recovered in some areas. We believe that this will be one of the most significant facts of 2019.

This 2018 has also been a year where accessibility to housing has been the focus of social, political and media attention- and we agree with that- but we demand much more debate in this regard, since the few measures have been taken without taking into account professional advice by the agents of the sector and, in some cases, have been taking in a short time, which is totally incomprehensible when we talk about such an important issue such as housing.

In summary, this 2018 has been much like the previous year, and if we consider 2017 as a very good year, 2018 has also been like this. The key to the future will be finding that level of market sustainability."

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