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Canada's cosiest coast: A warm welcome awaits buyers in rugged Nova Scotia

In today's issue of The Daily Mail there was a great half page article on Nova Scotia featuring quotes and properties from Mayfair International Realty members Tradewinds Realty.

Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty says "I could not agree more with the journalist. This is truly a wonderful part of the world and a great place to invest in property - the sailing helps too!"

The article reads "There's a familar ring to Nova Scotia. Windsor, Chester, Yarmouth and Liverpool are all to be found in this rugged Canadian province, but are markedly different from their British namesakes, and no less fascinating.

In fact, those who know Nova Scotia are charmed by its raw beauty, historic towns and quaint fishing villages. Behind the weather-boarded buildings redolent of New England, there is a strong Celtic heritage from Scottish, Irish and Welsh settlers.

And this is still very much celebrated within a lively music scene, from ceilidhs to festivals.

Hundreds of thousands of cruise ship passengers make Nova Scotia their port of call each year, passing its rugged shorelines and the bays and inlets that make such pretty homes.

Properties with these views do come at a price. Tim Harris, of Tradewinds Realty in Nova Scotia, says that with such spectacular settings, 'much buying focus is on the Atlantic ocean-front, where you can pay upwards of a million dollars or more for luxury estates'.

But he adds: 'Off the water, and in small towns and communities, you can find property or even small farms with stabling for just a few hundred thousand dollars.'

He recommends the Annapolis Valley and the South Shore around the historic towns of Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, and the vacation areas of Chester and Hubbards as the most popular locations to buy.

As the warmest of the provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia is famed for its outdoor activities, and the South Shore is a magnet for the Canada's cosiest coast ... yachting set. It has the added advantage of easy access to Halifax Stanfield International Airport - Nova Scotia is a six-hour hop across the Altantic from Britain.

The Lighthouse Route, with its 20 lighthouses, stretches along the South Shore westwards from the capital Halifax towards Yarmouth.

A Cape-style home near Chester and Hubbards with views over Mahone Bay is on the market for £159,348 with Tradewinds Realty. It's less than an hour's drive from the airport and only a short distance from Bayswater Beach.

Those who want to get back to nature can do so in the forested area of Tantallon, Halifax County. A classic board-and-batten style home with hardwood floors, tongue-and-groove ceilings, an open-plan layout and cathedral-style living-room ceilings, is for sale at £123,251 through Tradewinds.

On Nova Scotia's coast, facing out to the Annapolis Basin, is the settlement of Digby. It is famous for scallops, spectacular views of the high waves and some of the best whale-watching in North America.

Overlooking Digby's picturesque harbour is a period property on one of the prettiest streets in town. It was built in 1865 and is set in a large plot, with a mature garden. Newly renovated and restored, the property comes complete with a verandah, elegant fireplaces, a wood stove in the den and a porthole window at the top of the stairs.

It is priced at £142,373 through Tradewinds. Nova Scotia's historic heritage makes for plenty of handsome period homes.

A Victorian four-bedroom house is on the market in Noel, along the Fundy Shore, a sought-after area. The house was built by the O'Briens, who played a prominent role as shipbuilders in the community. The property has spectacular ocean views, measures more than 3,000 sq ft and is set in an acre of land. It is for sale at £130,000 through River Habitat.

The house market reflects the settled, steady pace of life here.

'We have weathered the downturn quite well,' says Mr Harris. 'We kept chugging along. One of the factors is the Canadian banking system, which has strict mortgage conditions. In the past couple of years the market has remained steady.

'A home investment made three years ago still has its value intact.'

With more than 4,000 miles of shoreline, there is more than enough room for buyers to find a little piece of 'New Scotland' to call their own."