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Atlanta’s First Luxury Real Estate Agency’s Exceptional Talent Weigh in on Doing Business a Year Into the Pandemic

Made up of 15 sales offices across Atlanta, with over 900 agents, Harry Norman, REALTORS®knows what it takes to do business and be a leader in the luxury residential real estate market. In fact, agents with Harry Norman are consistently recognized as top performers and have unique insight into the future of residential real estate in Atlanta and beyond.

From the impact of COVID-19 and the safety precautions that came with it, to the introduction of new technology in a virtual pivot, local realtors had to quickly assess how to do business in 2020.

While many were wondering how this would influence the market in 2021, the team at Harry Norman was regularly at work using past data to analyze the market and forecast future trends. In fact, its 2021 Atlanta forecast is now available and accessible for all to view here.

Some top predictions include the continuation of limited inventory during the first half of 2021, continued demand for luxury features, and a rise in multigenerational homes. The team has also listed out its "ingredients" for a successful Atlanta Housing Market in 2021 which include stable price growth, buyer demand, low-interest rates, and economic and population growth. These predictions along with technology upgrades and virtual pivots to operate safely during the pandemic and an ability to stay on top of trends are vital examples of what sets Harry Norman agents apart.

“The success of Harry Norman begins with the people here,” says President and CEO Jenni Bonura. “The level of professionalism, authenticity, and passion for the job that is tied to everyone on this team keeps us all moving forward. As we approach the year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m proud of our abilities to evolve strategies and rapidly roll out new tech and tools that enable us to be successful despite these challenges, and this is all due to the caliber of our talent.”

Although sometimes misinterpreted as a side job or even an easy career choice, being a successful licensed REALTOR® requires an unparalleled work ethic, a network of relationships built through family, friends, business associates, and more, an in-depth knowledge of the market, and ongoing research to stay ahead.

The agents are constantly looking at the present environment and what they can do to help secure someone’s dream home, as well as the future of residential real estate. For them, this career is not just a typical 9-5 job, but an entrepreneurial endeavor that often spills over into their personal lives. For the most successful agents with Harry Norman, REALTORS® it also means creating and maintaining their own brand that customers relate to and come back to time and time again. Their outlook on real estate is passionate, eye-opening, and will no doubt help shape the future of agents in the field.

Now, on the heels of its 90th anniversary, and one of its best yet, a handful of Harry Norman REALTORS® are reflecting on success at Harry Norman, the industry, doing business during COVID-19 and sharing thoughts on their day-to-day.

Amanda Pope: Buckhead Northwest Office: Instagram – @amandapope_realtor Website – Pro Tip: Know Your backyard: Brookhaven is Pope’s sweet spot and to stay involved in the conversation during COVID she started following all restaurants, retail and small businesses in the area to stay connected and top of mind.

Brandi Nickerson: North Fulton Office: Facebook – @realtorga Website – Pro Tip: Support is Key: Nickerson may be a one-woman shop, but she knows that having an arsenal of contract support is so important. Her best go to? Her home stager. It is so crucial to polish and present the picture of what a potential client’s life can look like in a home that is on the market because everyone has been looking for move-in ready over the last year.

Brittney Cleveland: Buckhead Office: Instagram – @britt.cleveland Website – Pro Tip: Managing Your Business: Cleveland’s experience during COVID has made her rethink some of the ways she does business. Whether that is previewing homes for clients with virtual tours and her in them or simply gifting to stay top of mind, she has figured out through her own resources and those that Harry Norman provides how to stand out with a client.

Butch Whitfield: Intown Office: Instagram – @butchitup Website – Pro Tip: Show Up: Whitfield’s dad shared advice that is good for any entrepreneur. You do not have the luxury of having a bad day being self-employed especially now during COVID. You need to dress the part and fake it ‘til you make it.

Carlen Funk: East Cobb Office: Instagram – @carlenfunkrealtor Website – Pro Tip: Share Useful Content: Funk's pre-real estate career was in the F+B industry. As a big fan of dining out, Funk turns her local restaurant knowledge into helpful tips like safe neighborhood to-go dining options during the pandemic and more. Resourceful content can create reasons why someone will come back to your platforms.

Hasan Pasha: Buckhead Office: Instagram – @hasan_j_pasha Website – Pro Tip:  Closing Gifts Make a Mark: Pasha doesn’t rely on social media to promote his business, instead, it’s done via word of mouth. One of the things his clients comment about? His closing gifts which include extremely useful things like home warranties.

Ren Ruiz: East Cobb Office: Instagram – @renruiz_Pro Tip: Realtors Own Their Business: Ruiz discovered early on that she is a business owner, and the reward depends on her efforts. She sites organization, continued education, and non-traditional ways of doing things as some secrets to her success. Ultimately, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Kiley King: Buckhead Office: Instagram – @realestatekiley Website – Pro Tip: Strive for Balance: With an incredibly low inventory in the market and deals happening at a record pace, it’s easy for it to be a 24-7 job. King values her time and continues to establish boundaries to be the best she can for her clients.

Louise Morgan: Buckhead Office: Instagram – @louisemorganrealtor Website – Pro Tip: Over Communicate: Perspectives and priorities have shifted for everyone during COVID and for Morgan, it is her mantra to always be the first in touch. There is no luxury of time right now, so it is essential to act quickly, be proactive, and over-communicate.

Mary Stuart Iverson: Buckhead Office: Instagram – @atlsavvy Website – Pro Tip:  Proper Etiquette: In these days of technology overload and lack of in-person connection, old school touches, handwritten notes, personalized moments, and proper etiquette are so important for Iverson.

Nick Lamonte: Buckhead Office: Instagram – @nicklamonte_realestate Website – Pro Tip:  Pick Up the Phone: While technology has changed the game and made things easier during COVID to connect, Lamonte doesn’t text, he calls everyone. He thinks it’s important to connect, hear that person’s voice and really understand the situation at hand.

Rachel Provow: North Fulton Office: Website – Pro Tip: Educate Your Clients: As the industry continues to flex with what it is being given, Provow understands that you must share the process and educate potential buyers before they head out looking at homes. From sharing what to expect to answering any questions, having prepared clients helps the transaction flow smoothly.

Ross Hester: East Cobb Office: Instagram – @hesterhomes_ Website – Pro Tip: Service Matters: For Hester, his commitment to his team and hiring the right people helps with their motto of "White Glove Service" when working with clients. From managing expectations, whether in person or virtual, to being a resource in the industry, luxury is a consumer experience, not a price point.

Sam Divito: North Fulton Office: Instagram – @sam.divito Website – Pro Tip: Stand Out: With so many new housing sites, residential real estate is accessible to everyone and now you have to really set yourself apart. Divito not only works to bring added value to her clients, she likes to get creative. Recently, she sent out letters to a neighborhood about a family looking in that area hoping to connect with homeowners gearing up to list their home.

Tori Hughes: East Cobb Office: Instagram – @torihughesrealtor Website – Pro Tip: Keys to Success Right Now: With such low inventory in the market, it is important to be a realist about the outcome. Hughes also thinks it is important to be an expert on an area, not to be pushy, and remember it doesn’t happen overnight whether that is business building or a sale sometimes continuity is key.

Over the coming months Harry Norman, REALTORS® will feature ongoing dialogue with many of these agents and their continued insights on its social platforms, newsletter, and website blog.

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