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How Well Do We Know the Neighborhoods in North Texas?

Virginia Cook, Realtors Drew the Maps!

Did you know that North Texas has one of the nation's largest hike and bike trail systems with over 100 miles of paved trails waiting for you to explore?

Through their community service initiative, Hearts at Work, Virginia Cook, Realtors is helping to make our trail system more accessible to you. We have partnered with Dallas County to create a comprehensive set of more than 40 printable trail maps that you can download at

Connecting Friends and Neighbors

Virginia Cook, Realtors also funded a respite at St. Michael & Lavendale along the Northhaven Trail. There's lovely stone bench seating, water fountains for people and dogs, and a bike repair station. Free events are also hosted along the trail throughout the year, including Movie Nights and It's My Park.

More to Come

Trail projects in 25 cities in the D/FW area recently received $38.2 million in funding from the Regional Transportation Council (RTC). Local entities will contribute an additional $40 million, for over $78 million in bike and pedestrian projects.

Good for You...Good for Our Community

Virginia Cook, Realtors is proud to join in this investment. Studies repeatedly show that trails not only promote healthier living, but they build stronger neighborhoods by increasing property values, reducing traffic, improving air quality, and attracting businesses and visitors.

Blaze Your Trail Today!

So lets' get moving! Check out these maps, and choose a ride or walk close to your home for a healthy, free and fun activity this weekend!