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Mayfair International Realty visits Houston

Following the recent visit to new Mayfair International Realty members John Daugherty, Realtors in Houston, Texas, Nick Churton has been delighted to see the press coverage this amazing brokerage has achieved in both on-line and print media promoting the new affiliation.

Nick says "Annette and I had an amazing visit to Houston. John and his team could not have been better hosts. We were delighted to have the opportunity to meet agents, sellers and other real estate professionals and to learn about the Houston market."

"We have been amazed by the coverage of our visit in so many US newspapers from Houston itself to San Francisco and also features on over 400 websites. This goes to prove judt how national and international John Daugherty, Realtors are"

"We are very much looking forward to working with John, Cheri and the team and in promoting this amazing city and its wonderful properties into Europe"

The home page of the John Daugherty, Realtors website reports:

"Houston, TX – John Daugherty, Realtors, is pleased to announce the opening of a marketing office in London, England in partnership with Mayfair International Realty. Located in the heart of London’s prestigious West End, the office will serve as a gateway for Europe’s real estate needs in Houston.

“We are the first residential brokers in Houston to do this,” said John A. Daugherty, Jr. “Over the past few years we have seen more buyers than ever from Europe and from the UK in particular. “We consider opening an office in London as an essential move to guarantee that our clients’ homes reach the widest possible market.

Mayfair International Realty, headed by Nick Churton and Annette Reeve, will market John Daugherty, Realtors’ Houston properties in the UK and the continental European media.

“We are working in a global real estate community with buyers not only crossing state boundaries, but International ones also,” said Daugherty.

John Daugherty, Realtors’ clients will find that the marketing of their homes receive a clear benefit from exposure to the widest market. And, London based buyers will also be able to visit the office and discuss buying a home in Texas. Churton said the move is paying off. “It is a positive move that has already brought significant success. The firm’s clients love the added coverage their homes receive and buyers love the easy access they have to the Houston market,” he said.

“More and more Europeans are being drawn to the Houston area for the very reasons the area has become so popular with those from within the US,” added Churton. He said as well as being a major business hub, the Internationally recognized Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world, and home for so many international corporate companies, the reliable climate, superb facilities and high standard of real estate make the Houston area a key target destination for home and investment buyers.

“I like to think that my company goes the extra mile for its clients. I am delighted to say that now we are going an extra 4,845 miles to London and opening the doorway to Europe and beyond,” added Daugherty.

Of particular importance is the internet site that offers properties exposure to the global market and uploads to other premier UK based websites. The highly prominent website provides a worldwide portal for luxury properties. John Daugherty, Realtors enjoys the unique benefit of being the only Houston residential broker whose properties are uploaded to the property search site of the Telegraph newspaper at, whose website attracts 32.5 million users and 276 million page views per month. Properties are also uploaded to the website of Country Life, Country Life is regarded as the leading UK magazine for luxury real estate. Over the past one hundred years Country Life has been the finest place to advertise the very best estates, country houses and important town houses in the UK and Europe and, over the past few years, throughout the globe."

About John Daugherty, Realtors

John A. Daugherty, Jr., a fourth-generation Houstonian, founded John Daugherty, Realtors on March 8, 1967 and has served as its president and CEO ever since. In 2009, the firm reached $9.75 billion in total property sales since the millennium (2000). John Daugherty, Realtors is the largest seller of upscale residential for the Houston real estate area, currently employing 170 real-estate agents and 84 support-staff members.