12 July


The House: Grahampton, 100 Clapboard Ridge, Greenwich, Connecticut

The Agent: Julie Church

The Broker: Houlihan Lawrence

Nick Churton of the Houlihan Lawrence London office wanders the halls of a great Greenwich house, picking up the vibes and sensing a sleeping beauty.

By 1900 Greenwich, Connecticut had become a glittering place to live – whilst elsewhere in America the shine had started to wear off the Gilded Age. Greenwich’s good fortune was in no small part thanks to its early resort quality and speedy commute to New York City by train. Greenwich to Wall Street was and still is an oft-used path. One by one, stately houses were built in Greenwich for the well-to-do.

So, it was with immense pleasure that I visited Grahampton, one of the great Greenwich houses. Did I hear echoes of the past as I wandered through the hallways and living rooms? Did I see in my mind’s eye a magnificent society wedding for a beloved daughter? I imagined both. But I also saw a house that has defied age. Through thoughtful design Grahampton has stayed in vogue through the decades.

Built in 1917 as a summer house for a wealthy Pittsburgh family, the estate initially had three-hundred acres: now it is a more manageable five acres. But the grandeur persists, the pedigree shows, and Grahampton remains one of Greenwich’s finest homes.

Within Grahampton’s twelve-thousand gracious square feet are seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. On the ground floor the living rooms are well-proportioned and finely appointed. This house was built to enjoy and to impress, and over a hundred years later it still effortlessly manages to do both in equal measure.

Everyone has to catch their breath now and again and I believe over time houses do the same. I should say that here is a sleeping beauty, and all that’s needed to awaken her is a kiss.