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Bill Drypolcher, Zephyr Real Estates’s Founding Broker, Inducted into Real Estate Hall of Fame

Bill Drypolcher was inducted into the Real Estate Hall of Fame on August 16 at the 11th Annual 2018 Luxury Marketing Council Real Estate Agents Boot Camp. Founding broker of Zephyr Real Estate, San Francisco’s largest independent broker, Bill opened Zephyr Real Estate in 1978.

He began with three partners and one office and has since built the company into the large powerhouse that it is today. With over 350 agents, nine offices and nearly $2.3 billion in gross sales, Zephyr is well respected and well recognized throughout the industry as a leader, trendsetter and innovator.

While he remains the firm’s chairman and majority shareholder, his legacy encompasses more than a successful firm. His foresight to plan for his succession over 15 years ago has placed the firm in the hands of a finely-tuned management team led by President Randall Kostick.

He is admired by many and is noted for his remarkable ability to call each agent and staff member by name. He is a familiar face around the workplace and has achieved a very effective balance of work with fun. He is noted for his backbone of steel when it comes to supporting his agents.

“He’s a good guy who is casual and tough at the same time, but enormously compassionate. It’s clear when you spend time with Bill that 1) people are comfortable around him, and 2) he enjoys the people around him. He really engages them,” commented Harry Clark, a 26-year veteran with Zephyr.

Bill attended Kent State University on a wrestling scholarship, and served in Vietnam as an Army Ranger, thus developing a strong commitment to give back to his community. He is a regular supporter of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised including support for Swords to Ploughshares, Project Open Hand and Project Inform.

His strong belief in education is evidenced by his generous support of Meritus, an organization that empowers low-income Bay Area youth to succeed in college and prepare for opportunities post-graduation by providing scholarships, individualized coaching and career mentoring and development. He was also an early supporter of the LGBTQ community and served on Mayor Art Agnos’ commission for improving city housing. He has been an active participant in the real estate community, serving on multiple committees and boards, including the position of President of the San Francisco Association of Realtors.

“It is an honor indeed to be acknowledged for doing something you love to do,” commented Bill Drypolcher. “I am in good company with friend and colleague, Paul Hulme.” Hulme was inducted at the same ceremony.

Last year, Zephyr Real Estate was named “Brokerage of the Year” by the Luxury Marketing Council, an award determined by a collaboration of the Luxury Marketing Council, San Francisco Magazine, Silicon Valley Magazine as well as peer responses from industry competitors.

“Bill is more than a business partner and colleague,” remarked Randall Kostick, President and CEO of Zephyr. “He is a true leader, a caring friend and a generous humanitarian. I am most fortunate that our paths converged over 30 years ago.”

The Luxury Marketing Council is a global organization of marketing leaders and practitioners and is the leader in the industry for astute exploration of marketing trends, practices and tools for success. The San Francisco chapter offers many networking opportunities.