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Dale Sorensen Real Estate Reports Spectacular Year with $1.2+ Billion in Closed Transactions in Indian River County

Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE), LLC is ending the year 2021 with unparalleled numbers, all while maintaining and or increasing their market share and once again beating the previous years’ totals. The family-owned company is reporting more than $1.2 billion in closed transactions in Indian River County. The announcement is even more significant as both the buy side and sell side exceeded all other agencies in the county.  In Indian River County, the agency has 15% of the total transactions and 18% of the total volume in the MLS, nearly twice as much as their closest competitors. Companywide, including transactions in Brevard and St. Lucie Counties, transactions totaled more than $1.5 billion. Matilde Sorensen, the company’s top producer, closed $215 million in transactions in 2021, the most ever sold by an individual agent in Indian River County.


Broker and Founder Dale Sorensen, Sr. stated that the company accomplished this with intense competition from other South Florida agencies, national agencies and national franchises. “No-one could have expected that any Indian River County company, without a merger or a buyout, would have reached this much in closed sales in one calendar year. Here we are, an independent, local, family-owned company reporting these numbers. All this in light of the fact that inventory is extremely low; in fact, there’s currently only about 300 available listings in Indian River County. This is truly a testament to our outstanding agents, and our dedicated staff and support team.”


“We can also give credit for our success to the incredible marketing our firm does,” said Dale Sorensen, Jr., Managing Partner for DSRE. “We have proprietary marketing and advertising tools that make our firm unique and more powerful in the marketplace, and these are tools that only DSRE agents are able to utilize to market their customers’ properties. While we are hyper focused on the local market, we have the flexibility and tools to be global when necessary. For example, we have exclusive relationships with worldwide real estate affiliates, including Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, Luxury Portfolio International, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, the Board of Regents, and Mayfair International Realty. This year we were also selected by Forbes Global Properties as one of the Top 100 Companies in the World. We have a single focus here at DSRE, and that is to market our sellers’ properties.”


Additional tools that set DSRE apart from other agencies include digital marketing experts, graphic design and advertising professionals at Ironside Press, a photography and videography team and a public relations and copywriting firm available to all the sales agents. “There’s a reason why our model is more successful than other agencies, said Sorensen, Jr. “We leverage our team, our tools and our resources to market and sell our customers’ properties.”


The company has a reputation of choosing the cream of the crop in selecting agents to join their team. Their national-level educational programs coupled with weekly training sessions encourage success and give the agents an exceptional advantage. General Manager Jim Goldsmith knows it’s this advantage makes a difference. “As a company, I believe we have the most outstanding sales agents. This really is a passion for them, not just a career or a job. They are constantly creating opportunities within the market for their customers. They’re experienced, they have the local knowledge and local contacts, and they know the inventory that is in the community. They take advantage of every training tool, marketing and advertising opportunity, and utilize the support team to help their buyers and sellers navigate the real estate process. Nobody is better equipped that the team here at DSRE. They are all incredible agents and we acknowledge that their success is our success.”


Goldsmith added that being with the right agent and brokerage has never been more important. “Inventory is being displayed differently; a buyer has to have the right agent to find property. There’s a reason that our agency had almost 3,000 transactions in 2021 and that 43 of our agents had over $10 million in transactions in 2021 and that’s due to having superior agents working with a superior agency.”


While the company’s management team is quick to credit the agents and support team, Top-Producing DSRE Sales Agent Megan Raasveldt believes the success begins at the top of the company. “I would not be where I am without the support of the entire Dale Sorensen Real Estate team. When I saw our customer The Lutgert Companies was looking to develop in Vero Beach, I took my idea to speak with them to Mr. Sorensen and he said “Let’s get on a plane to Naples and speak with them!”. Having the power behind the numbers is one thing, but having people behind the numbers is everything.”


Christine Hughes is one of DSRE’s most successful sales agent and she believes the culture created by the management team is one of the reasons for the success of the company. “Being a family-owned company makes their dedication to their agents unparalleled. A strong work ethic, coupled with constant cutting-edge technology, open mindedness & their accessibility to their agents brings them to the finish line 1st every time.”


Some of the company’s agents have spent their entire career at DSRE and believe the company’s philosophy of giving back is essential to their success. Joan Cook, began her career with DSRE and has now been with the company for nearly 20 years.  “This year, with the way things have changed in the world, DSRE stands out among the crowd. The Sorensen's philanthropy and involvement in the community inspires their agents to be involved as well. People like dealing with a locally owned, family-owned company, it just seems to be more appealing.”


In fact, DSRE has won numerous awards for philanthropy throughout their 48 years. In 2021 alone, the company contributed more than $81,338.00 in charitable donations and $139,212.00 in sponsorships for a total of $220,551.81 in contributions.


Founded in 1978 by Dale Sorensen, Sr., the company has grown to thirteen locations with more than 280 agents and support staff, serving 3 counties. For more information about Dale Sorensen Real Estate, contact Dale Sorensen, Jr. at 772.231.4712.   Or visit their website at