28 March

Harry Norman, Realtors®’ Exclusive Success Circle Retreat Celebrates Top Producers in Mexico

Harry Norman, REALTORS®, Atlanta and Greater Georgia’s premier luxury real estate brokerage, recently honored high-performing company members at its annual Success Circle retreat, held at the stunning UNICO 20°87° Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This exclusive event was designed to honor elevated members of its Success Circle, recognizing the outstanding achievements of top-performing individuals and teams in 2023.

The three-day retreat provided over 80 agents and special guests with a lavish, all-inclusive experience, fostering relaxation and camaraderie in an intimate setting. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a welcome dinner and DJ at the La Unica Pool. Evenings were marked by elegant al fresco dinners, creating the perfect backdrop for building connections, while the days were filled with valuable professional development opportunities. An interactive workshop titled “Insights for Top Producers” was a key highlight of the event, emphasizing essential skills and cutting-edge technology that distinguish top-tier salespeople.

The first session of this two-part workshop, presented by Jenni Bonura, Harry Norman, REALTORS® President and CEO and Todd Emerson, General Manager, explored data and information compiled from higher education institutes and sales organizations worldwide. Drawing from reputable sources such as the Harvard Business Review and Salesforce, this session focused on three categories where top salespeople consistently excel: sales competencies, technology proficiencies, and client-first service strategies. The second session delved into the technology to efficiently run a business and how to leverage technology to give client-first service, presented by Luke Trigwell, Senior Vice President of Marketing, and Emily Norris, Vice President of Luxury and Culture.

“This retreat provides an opportunity for highly successful peers to connect on a deeper level, creating pathways that can lead to continued success,” said Bonura. “What we have learned and continue to learn since the pandemic is that human connection and fostered relationships are key to professional growth and success. I look forward to many more years of collaborative triumphs with this group of connected individuals.”

The retreat not only celebrated individual success but also embodied Harry Norman, REALTORS®’ commitment to the 2024 company theme, "Connectivity." By bringing together the most accomplished agents in such a captivating environment, the brokerage aimed to provide a unique opportunity for unwinding while fostering meaningful connections among its high-achieving team members.

The success of this exclusive event underscores Harry Norman, REALTORS®’ dedication to building a strong sense of community and promoting professional growth within the organization. The company takes pride in creating an environment where top-performing team members can recharge and invest in ongoing development, aligning with the strategic vision for the year ahead.

Looking forward, Harry Norman, REALTORS® expresses gratitude to each company member for contributing to the shared success that defines the 94-year-old legacy brand’s journey. As it anticipates in the years to come, Harry Norman, REALTORS® is committed to continuing the tradition of excellence and investment in its agents, forging a path towards even greater achievements and milestones.

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